Structural Steel Fabrication Perth Western Australia


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Why Build with Steel?

Ok, so your steel building is done. You already had it fireproofed, flood proofed, earthquake proofed, and even increased its blast resistance. What’s the next step? Maintenance. Fortunately for Buildings built with structural steel fabrication, there’s not much maintaining to do. That’s why you chose Buildings built with structural steel in the first place!

Buildings built with structural steel fabrication are practically maintenance-free. There’s no moisture so you don’t need to worry about termites and other pests. In this alone, you’re reducing your insect treatment costs already. There’s no weathering or cracking or rotting unlike in wood-framed buildings where these are all common problems. So what SHOULD you worry about in steel buildings?

Steel frame structure

You only need to worry about preventive maintenance. Aside from checking if the accessories, support structures, and foundation of your building are in good condition, regular cleaning of the steel itself is all you need to do.

After the building is erected, or after any building modifications, make sure to clean any debris and small items left during the construction such as screws, pop rivets, drill bits, or any ferrous objects. Sweep these items with a soft nylon brush while larger items like sheet metal cut-offs should be removed by hand to avoid incurring damage on the roof panels.

Also, watch out for any sand and dust on the steel. Sand and dust tend to retain moisture, which can lead to corrosion of the steel. Clean sand and dust by thorough washing and rinsing with potable water and a soft nylon brush.

Make sure to also check “hidden” areas such as gutters, roof sheets, upper portions of walls, and sheltered areas under canopies or eaves as these are the most vulnerable.

If your building is in a highly polluted industrial area or near the sea, washing with clean water alone might not be enough to remove salt deposits. If that is the case, a mild detergent can also be used with the washing water. Do not use caustic cleaners! These can damage the paint and even the zinc layers. Lastly, make sure to thoroughly rinse afterward with clean potable water.

Avoid all forms of moisture build-up on your roof or wall panels especially from equipment that goes through these panels like air conditioning units, pipes, and water storage tanks.

These maintenance procedures are relatively simple and you only have to perform them every 3 months if you’re in a high pollution area or near the sea, every 4 months if you’re in medium pollution or highly humid area, and every 6 months if you’re in a low pollution area or in a dry desert region.