Who we work with



At Structural steel fabricators Adelaide also known as Austeel Australia P/L, we have become one of the biggest and quality providers of steel fabrication and its supply. Based in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, and with our Melbourne head office.

Our company carries a wide range of SHS, RHS UB, UC, and PFC sizes in stock with a varying amount of others, and thus we are always available to fabricate, cut, coat, and even erect steel products for our clients at very short notices.

Our team comprises of a healthy group of young energetic individuals that are not only passionate about the job but are thoroughly qualified and experienced in providing you with the quality product you deserve.

Our steel manufacturing and steel fabrication team in Adelaide and its management staff are 100% committed in providing a high quality, efficient and professional service to our client that suits their needs and time limitati

ons all the while keeping in mind the budgetary constraints they may have.

We wish to assure all our clients that no matter how back we cut on our costs at the manufacturing level we will never compromise on quality in exchange for that.

Regardless of your budgetary constraints our team and its professional attitude to work is going to allow you to understand how we will provide you with the best quality steel fabrication. Our idea is to keep our clients involved in the process and thus our team will be able to provide you with drawn designs, samples of the product, and even 3D models of how your final structure will look like.

For the cutting, fabricating, and coating part that is all from within the manufacturing department, we assure our clients of the use of high-quality machinery and raw materials. Our machines and manufacturing department is 100% safe from any injury and we comply with the health and safety regulations rendered by the law in ensuring that our employees and staff are as possibly safe in the work environment as possible.