Precast Detailing

Precast detailing is one of the first steps when constructing or rather assembling a building using prefabricated components. It is an extremely complex enterprise, where accuracy remains the key to efficient executions. The emphasis is on creating and detailing structures for fabrication to be used as reusable moulds for creating concrete members.


Advantages of Precast Concrete

There are many advantages of precast concrete. They are discussed below:


  1. Saves Construction Time: Precast Concrete construction saves time, the risk of project delay is also less. The precast concrete casting can be carried on simultaneously with other works on site such as earthwork, survey, etc. and thus saves time.


  1. Quality Assurance: The key factors which regulate the quality of construction such as curing, temperature, mix design, formwork, etc. can be monitored for Precast Concrete. So, improved quality construction can be performed. 


  1. Usage of Prestressed Concrete: By using prestressed precast, structural materials of high strength and load-bearing capacity can be achieved, which can result in greater clear span, reduced size of the cross-section of structural members, etc.


  1. Cost-effective: The simplified construction process reduces the time, increases the productivity, quality and safety and thus the cost is reduced. 


  1. Durability: Precast Concrete structure has a longer service time period and minimal maintenance. The high-density Precast Concrete is more durable to acid attack, corrosion, impact, reduces surface voids and resists the accumulation of dust. 


  1. Aesthetics: As the structures are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, several combinations of colors and textures can be used. A wide range of shapes and sizes are available to choose from with smooth finishing and thus the aesthetic value of products are increased. 


  1. Safe Construction Platform: No raw materials have to be stocked in site for Precast Concrete construction. It reduces the requirement of traditional formworks and props, wastage, workers, etc. and thus provides a safe working platform


The Rebar Detailing 


The Rebar Detailing Services is important procedure in structural as well as in construction industry because the solidity and stability of a building depends on the design and structural integrity of building that in turn relies on structural elements that contributed in its making i.e. Rebar – which is the most important element in this case. The pricing of Rebar detailing is determined by the quality and quantity of Rebar that are employed. The quantity of Rebar is evaluated by the completed Rebar Detailing Drawings that displays the position and layout pattern of the rebar. Hence, the accuracy of Rebar is essential in deciding the costs.


From the time Rebar Detailing has come into scene, it gave birth many new services within the category of Rebar Detailing Services:


  1. Melbourne steel Fabrication connection details
  2. Pile and raft foundation details
  3. Rebar estimating
  4. Retaining walls details
  5. Foundation details
  6. Beams and Column details
  7. Roof truss details
  8. As built drawing services
  9. Shop drawing services for rebars
  10. Detailing services for concrete masonry


The Rebar Detailing Services offered with certain standards and codes when engineering services provider provides them :


American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)

Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario (RSIO)

Concrete Reinforcement Steel Institute (CRSI)

American Concrete Institute (ACI)

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

Rebar Detailing helps to sort out the practical structural projects as it clearly specify the bar bending that includes the beams, columns, girders and walls. It also specifies the material specification with errors so that engineers can eliminate the mistakes at the initial stage. Hence, proving its importance among engineers, construction managers and Rebar Detailers, Rebar Detailing is one of the significant steps in Structural Engineer Projects.


Advantages of Rebar Detailing Services

Now proceeding further, let us have a look at some of the advantages of the services and those are as mentioned below.


  1. Detailing services helps in avoiding delay in work and waste of materials along with the investment of the time.
  2. Rebar detailing services showcase the required information that is related to the anchors and laps details.
  3. The contractors are assisted and given a clear picture related to the production or rebars.
  4. Every rebar is detailed showing diameter, length, shape and quantities in Rebar Detailing Drawings.
  5. It also provides bar bending schedules.