How to harden steel?

What Are The Treatments? Hardening and tempering of engineering steels is performed to provide components with mechanical properties suitable for their intended service. Melbourne steel Fabrication are heated to their appropriate hardening temperature {usually between 800-900°C), held at temperature, then “quenched” (rapidly cooled), often in oil or water. This is followed by tempering (a soak […]

How is steel made

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Answer-   Steel is one of the most widely used metals in the modern world. It’s cheap, strong and incredibly versatile. With worldwide production running at approximately 750 million tonnes per year, steel is the second most mass-produced commodity next to cement.stainless Melbourne steel Fabrication   Steel is completely recyclable and requires relatively little energy […]

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Steel Frame Construction

Today, practically all industries have major applications of Melbourne structural steel fabrication. From industry equipment to finished products, structural steel is used everywhere. Buildings, bridges, high-rise buildings and warehouses are made using structural steel sections. Industry experts prefer the use of structural steel over any other building material for construction. This is mainly because of […]

Rebar, Precast, detailing Services what are they?

Precast Detailing Precast detailing is one of the first steps when constructing or rather assembling a building using prefabricated components. It is an extremely complex enterprise, where accuracy remains the key to efficient executions. The emphasis is on creating and detailing structures for fabrication to be used as reusable moulds for creating concrete members.   […]

Structure Steel Detailing Process

A steel structure is an assembly of structural elements (beams, columns, floor, plates, roof members, side wall covering members etc) It contains Melbourne steel Fabrication members of various sizes and shapes and they are all connected to each other by bolting or welding.   The design engineer in his design drawing indicates the sizes of […]

What is Structural Steel Cambering and Why is it Used?

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Answer- Cambering is often required in structural steel beams to compensate for dead load deflections. In this process, permanent deformations are induced in the girder after it is fabricated in order to match a required vertical profile under service loads. Traditionally, cambering is achieved by application of heat (heat cambering) or force (cold cambering). As […]

What is the Importance of Structural Steel Detailing Services?

Answer- Structural steel detailing may be a critical process of structural engineering and demands near 99% accuracy. Even a small error can cause a loss of valuable time and money. Steel detailing is a crucial and mandatory process altogether of sorts of manufacturing and construction activities, like the erection of residential and commercial buildings, factories […]