About Us

We know you’ve been searching for a good company to take care of your needs, and we’re the perfect solution. Domenic Marigliani and Frank Martini have over 25 years experience in production after starting as apprentices when they were only teenagers. We’ll come straight to you with our Factory located right here in Melbourne or if that isn’t convenient enough for whatever reason, then feel free to visit us. Austeel Australia P/L is dedicated to providing high-quality metal products with a commitment to superior customer service and workmanship. We have been in this industry for over 25 years, quickly developing into one of the top companies on our continent. We are confident that we can serve all your needs from manufacturing to delivering at an affordable rate! We have offices all around Melbourne, but prefer to stay close to home as much as possible when we can. As a result of our proximity, Austeel is able to provide Pre-Fabrication services which allow us not only save time on large projects like building bridges or commercial buildings, but also saves you money! Whether it’s commercial or residential – no job is too big at AuSteel Fabricators P/L because they offer both On Site and Prefab options so that anything from structural steel fabrication needs can be done by them with ease