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Frank Martini

Managing Director

Frank Martini, the Owner and Director of Austeel Australia P/L, stands as a pillar in the steel fabrication industry with his extensive experience and leadership skills. His journey, spanning over 25 years, has seen him evolve from a hands-on boilermaker to a respected business leader in Melbourne’s steel sector. Frank’s commitment to quality and ethical business practices has been instrumental in Austeel’s growth and reputation. His expertise not only lies in overseeing complex projects but also in nurturing a team of skilled professionals

Completed Structural Steel Projects
Steel Fabrication Melbourne

35 Armbrester Drive

South Melbourne

Austeel Australia P/L recently completed a major project for a residential building in Melbourne, delivering custom-designed structural steel frameworks. The team expertly navigated complex architectural demands, ensuring robust and aesthetically pleasing results. Their precision and timely delivery underlined their commitment to excellence in urban structural solutions

Structural Steel Fabricators Melbourne

4018 Norman Street


Successfully executed a challenging industrial project, providing comprehensive steel structures for a new factory. Their work included precision-engineered beams and columns, showcasing their ability to handle large-scale, complex projects with efficiency. The project was a testament to their expertise in industrial steel


571 Stoneybrook Road


For a boutique Melbourne townhouse development, Austeel Australia P/L crafted and installed bespoke steel staircases and balustrades. Their work stood out for its elegant design and exceptional durability, perfectly complementing the modern aesthetic of the development while ensuring safety and functionality in high-traffic areas

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At Austeel Australia P/L, our Drafting Department boasts a team of skilled professionals adept in draft and design. Utilizing advanced software technology, they produce precise and dependable drawings and designs. Our expertise encompasses projects of all scales, ensuring meticulous attention to detail whether the project is large or small.

Our structural steel construction projects are handled by a dedicated team of certified specialists and riggers. Each team member is fully licensed and accredited, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Our capabilities range from straightforward tasks to complex undertakings, including portal framed steel structures and multi-level apartment complexes.

Austeel Australia P/L is equipped with a diverse range of mobile cranes and machinery, tailored for various construction and assembly needs. This enables us to execute steel construction and structural framing safely and efficiently. Our commitment to using the right equipment ensures not only reliable construction but also precise assembly. Our team includes professional riggers and licensed machine operators who expertly manage and maintain our extensive fleet, including cranes, scissor lifts, booms, and more. These skilled professionals are adept at handling any assigned task with competence and precision.

Steel Fabrication in Melbourne

Structural Steel Fabrication by industry leaders

The premier destination for steel fabrication in Melbourne. With over three decades of experience, we specialise in delivering top-quality steel fabrication solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. Our expertise in the industry is unmatched, making us the go-to choice for clients across Melbourne.

At Austeel Australia P/L, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle a diverse range of projects, from intricate architectural designs to large-scale industrial constructions. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and extensive knowledge, ensuring precision and excellence in every task. Our services encompass a wide array of steel fabrication needs. Whether you require robust structural steel for commercial buildings, elegant steel staircases for residential properties, or custom-designed steel frameworks for industrial applications, we have the skills and resources to deliver. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every project we undertake.

In Melbourne, the demand for reliable and high-quality steel fabrication is ever-growing. Austeel Australia P/L stands at the forefront of this industry, offering unparalleled services that combine technical expertise with creative solutions. We work closely with our clients, ensuring that every aspect of their vision is brought to life with precision and care.

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