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Austeel Australia Metal Fabrication

  • Structural Steel fabrication and Installation Australia Wide.
  • Shop Drawings (CAD Facilities)
  • Site welding, steel erection.
  • Sales and delivery.

With our Melbourne head office and locations Australia-wide, we have over 30 years of experience in the field of structural steel. Austeel Australia P/L focuses on producing the highest quality steel and metal products with advanced steel fabrication processes and machinery.

Our products are backed by long experience in manufacturing. Our commitment to quality metal products, superior customer service, and ability to manufacture deliver and assemble has earned us the trust and recognition from our clients and the industry at large.

Australian structural steel has grown over the past years and so has Austeel Australia P/L.

Steel frame structure

Austeel Australia P/L Steel Fabrication is based North of Melbourne. With both Pre-Fab options in factory and on-site construction, we can do it all when it comes to Structural Steel. Send us your engineering and architectural drawings of the steel you require fabricated and we will give you an estimate that will be highly competitive. We can take the ENG/ARC drawings then turn them into working drawings. Then we will have our own fabricators put together the Structural Steel needed to fabricate your home, factory, or any other structure which requires structural steel. With Dom and Frank, you get old-school boilermakers who have been around the block and stick to their morals to get the job done. With over 25 years of experience, you can put your trust in Austeel Australia P/L.

 Steel Fabrication Melbourne

Structural Steel Fabricators known as Austeel Australia P/L are experts in quality steel fabrication, including staircases, handrails, balustrade, structural steel, and steel work for commercial and industrial buildings across MELBOURNE, ADELAIDE, PERTH, SYDNEY & BRISBANE..

We provide all the steel fabrication work that is done to houses & townhouses in the Melbourne area. A great deal of our steel fabrication work comes from word of mouth or referrals from our valued clients, which shows you the reliability and quality of the structural steel fabrication service we provide to our customers.

Our professional steel fabrication specialists at Austeel Australia P/L are focused on quality results and take pride in the skilled workmanship they provide. For all your steel fabrication needs, you can trust Austeel Structural Steel Fabricators.

We are experts in all aspects of steel fabrication, and we specialize in the making of handrails, balustrade, staircases, structural steel, and steel work for commercial and industrial buildings including apartments.

As Melbourne’s ultimate choice for steel fabrication products and services, Austeel Australia P/L has grown an excellent reputation in Melbourne for providing reliable and professional steel fabrication products and services at really great prices. We work closely with the guidelines from the Australian steel association. Feel free to give us a call for your next steel fabrication project. We look forward to hearing from you today!

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